15 Bookstagrams you’ll love

Because reading is only part of the book lover’s experience

by Gabriela Marengo

Something every book lover enjoys just as much as reading (if not a bit more) is finding others to share their reading experiences with. Book clubs have been an alternative for a long time, but social media has allowed readers to be even more creative (and interactive) with the content they share.

@_marvelousgeek — Yentl Viera


The self-proclaimed intergalactic fangirl combines wonderfully curated “shelfies” with a very diverse (and adorable) Funko Pop collection.

@the_bookish_vintage_girl — Angela Cristina


If you’ve been searching for a very aesthetically pleasing bookstagram account, look no further. Ángela Cristina creates beautiful images featuring books along with vintage accents. You’ll be transported to another era. Follow her journey on her blog.

@milyunavidasentrepaginas — Natalila, Diane & Dash


These three bloggers have written over a hundred (yes, I actually counted!) book reviews on their blog. Happy Reading!

@thebookishgalaxy — Carlos


Carlos doesn’t just love books, he reviews them on his blog (The Literary Cosmos) AND he’s even writing a fantasy book! Follow his writing journey!.

@thefineartofreading — Natalie Alvarez


Another gorgeously curated bookstagram! Natalie Álvarez also has a blog where she writes book reviews, discussions, recommendations, and more!

@books_and_libros — Félix González


This proud Ravenclaw is up for any challenge! Currently: The Spookathon Photo Challenge. Check out his feed to see his progress!

@bujobooks — Coralis


This bookstagrammer’s feed is a pastel dream. And, BONUS: she also has a YouTube channel ()!

@ldelectora — Mar & Yeli


Mar and Yeli share a blog where they post book reviews and tags. Also, do yourself a favor and look at their feed. Do it. You’ll never see a more beautiful mess of papers in your life.

@linda.reads — Linda Raquel


Linda describes herself as a book-hoarder and reviewer. On her blog, she shares that one of her goals is to learn about other countries through books. Visit her blog and you will immediately know who her favorite author is ;-)

@cutebooksrefuge — Dorys


Formerly known as @doryscutebooks on Instagram, Dorys’ happy place consists of being surrounded by her books and Funko Pop collection.

@jainelys.reads — Jaine


Jainelys loves YA, fantasy, and science fiction. Visit her feed to find out what some of her favorite books are!

@lily_readsLilia Garriga


Lilia is a proud “Huffleclaw” who loves books, photos, and writing. Check her out!

@nightowlreading — Vilma


Vilma’s colorful feed is sure to bring happiness to your day!



This Potter Head considers herself to be quite new in the bookish world, but reading her enthusiasm in her posts makes us think she fits in just fine.

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